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May 2014 Vol 3

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Featured News

African Memorial Day

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The African History Month (AHM) is a twelve (12) month event, i.e., (year round). Each month will honor different historical topics, cultural activities, outstanding accomplishments and noteworthy individuals who have affected the global African communities worldwide, from the African perspective. .  


African Leaders Join Nigeria To Reject European Economic Agreement

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African Ministers of Trade and experts in trade and regional integration have aligned with Nigeria's position on the trade liberalisation deal with the European Union under the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA), saying it will have a long-term negative impact on the continent's efforts towards industrialisation and job creation. .  



African Currency Unit: An urgent question in the midst of the capitalist crisis

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When the Constitutive Act of the African Union was written to implement the Sirte Declaration, there were three financial institutions that were established to facilitate interAfrican trade. These were: the African Investment Bank (AIB), the African Monetary Fund (AMF) and the African Central Bank (ACB). .  



Disapora News

How Racial Consciousness Changed My World View

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Note: I’m sure there must be some who read this and wonder why a common theme here is the development of Black identity. As was explained in other posts, the development of Blackness in Brazil encounters several obstacles among the general population.


Euromight: A Quest to Capture the Afro-European Narrative

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Research by Dr. Allison Blakely, the leading scholar on the black presence in Europe, shows that England’s identifiable 1.5 million people of black/African descent is second only to France’s 2.5 million. In most countries, the percentages are small, with populations numbering in the thousands..  




African News

Debating the real curse behind Africa’s resource wealth

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Africa, with its 54 unique countries, is rich in natural resources. According to David Hale, economist and founder of David Hale Global Economics, the continent produces 74% of the world’s platinum, 62% of cobalt, 54% of diamonds and 11% of oil, to name a few. .  


How Africans Underdeveloped Africa

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AFRICANGLOBE – The late historian, Professor Walter Rodney spent 361 pages of writing in 1972 trying to convince readers on How Europe Underdeveloped Africa photo. The book was a masterpiece, as it was one of the best literatures on European imperialism, especially as it relates to Africa ..  




History Tidbits

Ancient African coins that could change history of Australia

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With its glittering wealth, busy harbor and coral stone buildings, the island of Kilwa rose to become the premier commercial post of coastal East Africa around the 1300s, controlling much of the Indian Ocean trade with the continent's hinterland..  


Islam, Colourism and the Myth of Black African Slave Traders

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Africans in the Diaspora have the challenge of rewriting a history that has been stained by years of distortions, omission and downright lies. One of the biggest challenges of rewriting this history has been the Atlantic Slave Trade, and one of the biggest sore points has been the idea that “Black Africans sold their own into slavery”. .