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Vol 43

November 2017

Fallacies of Thanksgiving 



The origins of Thanksgiving have nothing to do with a bunch of Indians and pilgrims sitting down for a bountiful feast of turkey. In reality, although the settlers with pale faces had been bothering the Indians in addition to giving them many new diseases they had never had were starving by this time. The Indians took pity on them and brought them some corn and fish. Thanksgiving has a lot of emotional disappointment and this article will show you how to deal with this.


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Featured News

 China and Russia’s Plan from Petroyuan to Gold


 US military power is on the decline, and the effects are palpable. In a world full of conflicts brought on by Washington, the economic and financial shifts that are occurring are for many countries a long-awaited and welcome development.If we were to identify what uniquely fuels American imperialism and its aspirations for global hegemony, the role of the US dollar would figure prominently. An exploration of the depth of the dollar’s effects on the world economy is therefore necessary in order to understand the consequential geopolitical developments that have occurred over the last few decades.

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China’s Pivot to World Markets,

Washington’s Pivot to World Wars…

First published by GR in August 2016

China and the United States are moving in polar opposite directions: Beijing is rapidly becoming the center of overseas investments in high tech industries, including robotics, nuclear energy and advanced machinery with collaboration from centers of technological excellence, like Germany. In contrast, Washington is pursuing a predatory military pivot to the least productive regions with collaboration from its most barbaric allies, like Saudi Arabia. China is advancing to global economic superiority by borrowing and innovating the most advance methods of production, while the US degrades and debases its past immense productive achievements to promote wars of destruction. China’s growing prominence is the result of a cumulative process that advanced in a systematic way, combining step-by-step growth of productivity and innovation with sudden jumps up the ladder of cutting edge technology.


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The Truth About Thanksgiving:

african caqr

Remember what you were taught in grade school? Fleeing religious persecution, the Pilgrims sailed from England, landed on Plymouth rock over two months later, barely survived their first winter. With the help of Squanto and the friendly Wampanoag, who taught them how to exploit the local fish and game, plant corn and squash, and also protected them from other hostile tribes, the band of colonists succeeded in establishing a tenuous foothold at the edge of the North American wilderness. The first Thanksgiving in 1621 was held to celebrate a bountiful harvest with the tribe that helped make it possible.

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Diaspora News


Could Unpaid Internships Be Modern-Day Slavery?



For three, four or even five years, you've endured lecture after boring lecture, hours upon agonising hours of reading and studying, exam after anxiety-inducing exam. Hundreds of thousands of rands have been spent on your education, to cover tuition, textbooks, equipment and, if applicable, residence. You have deprived yourself of time with your friends and family, time spent doing the things you enjoy -- time spent being yourself and acting your age, basically.  And now, having written your final exam, you are ready to put into practice what you have sacrificed so much to learn, to cash in on your investment, to reap what you have sown, to enter the workforce. You're fortunate enough to get an internship, but there's only one catch: it's unpaid.

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Pupils told to dress as slaves for Black History Month


AN EAST London primary school has apologised after schoolchildren were asked to come to school dressed as slaves for Black History Month.St Winefride’s Catholic Primary School, in Manor Park, sent a letter asking parents to dress their children for a special assembly.According to the Evening Standard, the letter suggested that the clothes could be left unwashed and stained with tea or coffee to make them look more authentic. The letter also asked the year two class to arrive with “straw hats or fabric head wraps” for the special assembly.“It might be an idea to not wash these clothes and stain them with tea or coffee to look more authentic,” the letter, seen by the Newham Recorder, said.During a discussion on Facebook,locals called the idea "horrendous" with one parent asking whether Jewish children would've been asked to re-enact the Holocaust.

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African News


The Fallacies of Independence in Africa


In fact, it was an occasion to mark the 51st year Botswana is said to have broken away from the heavy yoke of British colonialism. As I watched all the fanfare from my old “black and white” television set, so many questions crossed my mind as to whether indeed those documents that African liberation heroes signed with their colonial masters in the 60s and 70s was indeed independence in a true sense of the word or just a fallacy masqueraded as independence.


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Fela Kuti -- A Musical Hero And A Renegade


On Sunday, what would have been Fela Kuti's 79th birthday, the government and people of Lagos State celebrated with the unveiling of a Liberation Statue. Fela Anikulapo Kuti was meant to be a doctor. Born to an Anglican pastor who had founded the Nigeria Union of Teachers, and his mother, an aristocrat, a nationalist and fiery feminist who had won the Lenin peace prize -- the musician we have come to know became the voice of many Nigerians through his music. Not surprising as music ran through his bloodline; his father was a pianist and his grandfather recorded hymns.


History Tidbits

30 years of Black History Month: It’s a British story 



“Black British” is often seen as oxymoronic. An identity inherently at odds, two opposing existences sitting uncomfortably in the psyche of one rather confused individual. At times it can feel like the epithet is actually black or British, and for those of us who (at times awkwardly) identify as such, it’s not been an entirely easy ride. “British” can imply “white” and “black”, often African-American; if black Britons aren’t fighting our way out from behind the shadow of white Brits, then we’re often attempting to be heard over the “black” discourse usually centered on the black American experience.

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Dreadlocks Story' Goes To The United Kingdom For Black History Month




Dreadlocks Story, the documentary which explores Indian influence on Rastafari culture, is being showcased in the United Kingdom (UK) as a part of Black History Month. The documentary, which is intertwined with a common thread of a belief systems that leaps across varied cultures and belief systems, was shot in four countries - India, Jamaica, France, and the United States, released in four languages - Hindi, Jamaican Patois, French, and English, with four local crews. "It's a UK Dreadl ocks Story screenings and discussions tour for Black History Month," informed Linda Ainouche, writer, producer and director of the documentary. October is Black History Month in the UK. this year, it celebrates the 30th anniversary. Dreadlocks Story explores the bonds of survival of African and Indian culture in Jamaica in view of upfront anti-slavery and anti-imperialist struggles.

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