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African Perspective


Christopher Columbus

In October every second week on Monday, Columbus Day is celebrated in western culture in general and in the America’s specifically. This is an American tradition and school children of all ages are taught about his so-called discovery of his New-World. Annual parades are given around the country, and every year dignitaries participate in these festivities.

Unfortunately, most people celebrate his holiday without knowing the truth about Columbus’s purpose for taking such risky voyages, and his horrendous behavior against the indigenous population, together with brutality against his own men.


CORRECTION in Article Treaty of Torsillas should read Treaty of Tordesillas


Featured News

24 Astounding Facts About the Private Prison Industry


The private prison market is as hot as ever. Who wouldn't want to get rich off the increasing number of incarcerated American citizens, staffers who sexually assault minors and the horrific living quarters that plague offenders and spark riots?



Jackie Robinson’s Son owns a Tanzanian coffee growing company called Sweet Unity Farms

Jackie Robinson son

If you’ve had the chance to see the movie 42, which is in theaters now starring Harrison Ford, Chadwick Boseman and Nicole Beharie, you know a little about Jackie Robinson, the first African-American to play major league baseball. Robinson broke the baseball color line with the Brooklyn Dodgers, who started him at first base on April 15, 1947. In doing so, Robinson challenged the practice of racial segregation and helped usher in the Civil Rights Movement.

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Canada in Africa: 300 years of aid and exploitation

De Beers

Despite rhetoric about aid to the poorest people in the world, the Harper Conservatives have worked assiduously to ensure that Canadian corporations profit from Africa's vast mineral resources. Even widespread criticism of their operations has failed to dampen the Conservatives' support for Canada's many mining interests in Africa. Canadian mining companies have been accused of bribing officials, evading taxes, dispossessing farmers, displacing communities, employing forced labour, devastating ecosystems and spurring human rights violations. But, more important than the specific instances of abuse, which I detail in my forthcoming 'Canada in Africa -- 300 years of Aid and Exploitation', the mining industry contributes little to sustainable economic development. Instead it is a prime part of a vast vacuuming up of resources to benefit wealthy people, only a very few of whom live in Africa..



Diaspora News

A Tale of Two Cities: In New Orleans,

New Orleans

Ten years after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita ravaged southern Louisiana, black and white residents of New Orleans are "starkly divided" in their perception of the state's recovery, according to new research published on Monday. A survey (pdf) conducted by the Manship School of Mass Communication’s Reilly Center for Media and Public Affairs at Louisiana State University found that nearly 60 percent of the black residents surveyed said Louisiana has "mostly not recovered," compared with 78 percent of white residents who said the state has "mostly recovered."


How Bob Marley's Son

Race in the US

Marley Coffee is still a relatively small company, having churned out $6 million in revenue in 2013. But founder Rohan Marley, one of Bob Marley's children, has big plans for his Jamaican-born coffee business. In 1999, Rohan Marley was 27. He had played linebacker for the University of Miami before moving on to the Canadian Football League. Now he found himself in New York City, wanting to do more with his life—to make a name for himself as a Marley. Then, in a serendipitous twist, a friend contacted Marley about an opportunity to purchase a property in Jamaica. Though he'd only lived in the country as a child before moving to the U.S. at age 12, Marley had recently received $200,000 in royalties from his father's music. So he made a trip to Jamaica to look at the property, and couldn't believe what he found.

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African News

Berbers Break New Ground in Morocco


Promoting the Amazigh language and religious reform contributes to the modernization of society and rids the country of residues of the past. It also cultivates a culture of democracy, cultural pluralism, citizenship, equality and dialogue that involves all of the Moroccan people and combats isolationism. There is no democracy without dialogue, which protects the freedom to create.


Meet South Africa's youngest self-made millionaire


Sandile Shezi has been trending in South Africa after it was reported last week that he is South Africa's youngest millionaire. Watch as we get to know the 23-year-old self-made millionaire. Jennifer Sanasie finds out about his upbringing, his muffin business and his decision to leave varsity in his third year to pursue his dreams. Find out what Shezi's parents said when they found out he dropped out of university, what the biggest obstacle was for the young entrepreneur when he opened the doors to his first business, the Global Forex Institute, and what his plans are for the future.



History Tidbits

Diop: Arab/Islamic Invasion of Africa “A Figment of the Imagination”

The unconscious community is confused. Especially about Islam. One minute, as Moors, Muslims are the pride of African civilization, giving knowledge to the cave men West Asia (“Europe”) (who had actually been out of caves for MILLENIA, with little things like the Roman Empire to their credit.) The next minute Muslims are the enemies of African civilization, interrupting the building of pyramids in Kemet (even though it had been colonized by Romans and Persians for CENTURIES before Islam).



Gaspar Yanga

The heritage of Africans in Mexico after Christopher Columbus is a rarely explored topic in the history books of the Americas. Gaspar Yanga is one of the neglected figures within African history in the Americas. He was the founder of the town Yanga, located in the Veracruz region of Mexico, between the Port of Veracruz and Córdoba. It is among the first free African settlements in the Americas after the start of the European slave trade.