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November 2014 Vol 9

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Global Inequality Reaches Levels Not Seen in Nearly 200 Years

income in equality The sweeping study, "How Was Life? Global Well-Being Since 1820," uses historical data from eight world regions to present for the first time "systematic evidence" of trends in areas such as health, education, inequality, the environment, and personal security over the past 200 years. The report reveals that great strides have been made in some areas such as literacy, life expectancy, and gender inequality. "People's well-being has generally progressed since the early 20th century across a large part of the world," it reads.


 Ebola in Africa: A product of history, not a natural phenomenon

ebolaModern African history teaches, often tragically, the need to distinguish between what might be called natural phenomena from those that are essentially socio-economic-political. The droughts that ravaged many parts of the continent in the early 1970s were an example of the former. (I leave aside the issue of human actions and global warming.) .  


US Global Power in the 21st Century: Military or Economic Imperialism?  

global powerDespite vast amounts of imperial data to the contrary, the great majority of writers on imperialism continue to describe and analyze US imperialism strictly in economic terms, as an expansion of “capital accumulation”, “accumulation on a world scale”. In fact the major and minor US imperial wars have more to do with “capital dis-accumulation”, in the sense that trillion dollar flows have gone out from the US, hundreds of billions of dollars in profits from resource sites have been undermined, markets for exports have been severely weakened and exploitable productive labor has been uprooted.nbsp;



Disapora News

Racism Is So Insidious, Even Black People Underestimate It

 There is a tendency to respond to racialized tragedies with a sudden effort at self-reflection – an attempt to quantify our collective attitudes on race for clues as to why, yet again, we must somehow make sense of the senseless killing of a black teenager. Of the numerous recent polls that measure American perceptions of race, nearly all arrive at the same conclusion: nbsp;


Brazil Census Shows African-Brazilians in the Majority

For the first time since records began black and mixed race people form the majority of Brazil's population, the country's latest census has confirmed. Preliminary results from the 2010 census, released on Wednesday, show that 97 million Brazilians, or 50.7% of the population, now define themselves as black or mixed race, compared with 91 million or 47.7% who label themselves white. The proportion of Brazilians declaring themselves white was down from 53.7% in 2000, when Brazil's last census was held..



African News

Africa: Not yet Uhuru

Mugbe NOWADAYS it seems that Africa is hit with a new crisis every few months. Looking back on this year alone we have had the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, the Boko Haram kidnappings in Nigeria, and increased Al-Shaabab terrorist activity in East Africa to name a few.



Africa's future depends on empowering its people today

Africa's future “If Africa is rising, why are we so poor? We walk on gold, platinum, diamonds. Our mineral wealth powers up the global economy. We hold two-thirds of the remaining arable land in the world, with over 15% of its forests and 20% of the land surface. Our oceans are a global hub of rich marine resources that mainly benefit large industrialised nations’ trawling fleets. But we, the African people, remain poor.”



History Tidbits

The Real Story of Thanksgiving

pilgrams  The story began in 1614 when a band of English explorers sailed home to England with a ship full of Patuxet Indians bound for slavery. They left behind smallpox which virtually wiped out those who had escaped. By the time the Pilgrims arrived in Massachusetts Bay they found only one living Patuxet Indian, a man named Squanto who had survived slavery in England and knew their language.-


British Muslims mark Black History Month with culture showcase

 October marks the start of Black History Month in the UK, which is celebrated by many British Muslims. “It’s important for people of different faiths and ethnic groups to acknowledge and be involved in BHM,” Zainab Dahir, a Muslim Somali novelist from London, told Al Arabiya News. She says she has celebrated BHM with her family for many years and sees it not just as an opportunity to showcase black culture but also to represent the Muslim community.