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June 2014 Vol 4



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Featured News

Future Big Africa's

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In the nineteen hundreds, “Little Africa” was the name; Whites gave to the prosperous African Greenwood community in Tulsa, Oklahoma Back then, it was known as “Negro Wall Street”. It is easily to forget, during that time period, using black was persona-non-grata. .  


Americans Are More Likely to Be Killed by Right-Wing Terrorists Than Muslims—But the Media's Afraid to Say It

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When Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) labeled cattle rancher and right-wing extremist Cliven Bundy a “domestic terrorist,” the far Right went into an apoplectic state. .  



10 Things Everyone Should Know About White Supremacy

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he use of the phrase “white supremacy” is ubiquitous in American political discourse. This is a result of many factors. Primarily, the election of Barack Obama and the United States’ changing racial demographics have created a reactionary backlash from white conservatives. .  



Disapora News

Africans Will Have A Say In Brazil – Samuel Eto’o

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Indomitable Lions striker Samuel Eto’o was in the Ivory Coast from 14-18 May at the invitation of the Ivorian Board for Sports to grace the Copa Cola-Cola youth tournament.


Pan-Africanism: In Search Of A New Africa

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The ‘Middle Passage’ or the New World is the most visible evidence of slave trade and its resultant dislocation of Africa. That made the venue of the conference even more significant in finding a panacea to the continent’s, and its displaced people’s, multitude of problems [issues plaguing Africans] at home and those in the islands of the Caribbean, the Amazon forests of South America and other enclaves elsewhere in Europe..  




African News

Land Grabbing in Africa, the new colonialism

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The silent recolonization of Africa is happening on a mass scale. To address this issue, the first Africa Conference on Land Grabs is set to take place in South Africa on 27–30 Oct. 2014. Land is the source of life and death, but it might not always be with us. .  



We need an African renaissance and pan-Africanism for a better Africa

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Cheikh Anta Diop, the pioneer of the concept of African renaissance, would have us understand the concept as a call to and a programme of action for the renewal of the African continent..  




History Tidbits

Nanny Of The Maroons: Jamaica’s Warrior Queen

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Queen Nanny or Nanny (c. 1685 – unknown, circa 1755), Jamaican National Hero, was a well-known leader of the Jamaican Maroons in the eighteenth century. Much of what is known about Nanny comes from oral history as little textual evidence exists. ”. ..  


Songhai an early West African Empire

West Africa’s Niger River provided bigger and better harvests than the Nile. According to Major Felix Dubois, a pioneering French scholar on the Songhai Empire: ‘What the Nile has done for Egypt, the Niger has accomplished for the Sudan (i.e. West Africa). In the course of a year we witness the same striking and opposed pictures. The cultivation is as facile as that of Egypt, and is due to the same regular rise and fall of the river. But the Niger shows an even greater munificence in its gifts than does its brother of Eastern Africa.’