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January  2015 Vol 11


AAN Kwanza Celebration  


Featured News

Local Kwanzaa observance enlightens, inspires

Kwanza The festivities are the highlight of the year for the organization, which recently opened an office on Main Street in Stroudsburg. The African American Network of the Poconos has organized community events throughout the year, particularly Juneteenth, a national commemoration of the end of slavery in the United States in 1865. It also honors outstanding civic leaders and community contributors. 


 Europe Beware! – World War III Could Destroy Europe for the Third Time in a Century

europeWashington is determined to go to war with Russia. Its military industrial complex demands it. Its financial system – FED, Wall Street demand it. War is a debt machine. War brings insane amounts of profit. The European vassals go along with it. It is part of the PNAC (Plan for a New American Century) to take over the world. After Russia, China would follow. That’s the plan. China is being encircled as we speak. Already 50% of the US navy fleet is stationed in the Pacific, from Japan to the Philippines to Australia. By 2016, Obama has promised, the navy war contingent in the Pacific will increase to two thirds..  


Obama and the Beginning of the End of the Cuban Embargo

Cuban EmbargoThe failed United States policy against Cuba, which has for more than half a century stifled relations between these neighboring countries and inflicted generations of harm upon the Cuban people, may finally be collapsing. On Wednesday morning, we learned that Alan Gross, a U.S. government contractor convicted in Cuba for spying, had been released after five years in prison.



Disapora News

The Economics of Black People: An Introduction

 The great importance of the study of Black economics and more seriously the proper action toward and regarding Black economics that must be taken by African people throughout the world is the foundational point of consideration. The matter is so momentous in fact, that it is the opinion of this blogger, that the proper overstanding and action is nothing less than equal to our very survival and potential of thriving now and in the future if we wish to exist as a people or exist at all.


The Caribbean, Melting Pot of the Americas

The Caribbean area is a not a static, singular and homogenous enclave, but a heterogeneous, dynamic and permeable entity, which constitutes a “melting pot” caught up in a Brownian motion, a macro-cultural context blended in a mosaic of divergence and convergence. The authors of Éloge de la Créolité stress this clearly: “Our History is a braid of histories. We had a taste of all kinds of languages, all kinds of idioms.”.”.



African News

Transmediale: The future of Tech in Africa.

Transmediale The transmediale festival is examining futurity now what the ‘future’ as a conditional and creative enterprise can be. At its heart lays the intricate need to counter political and economic turmoil with visionary futures. With FUTURITY NOW! transmediale.10 explores what roles internet evolution, global network practice, open source methodologies, sustainable design and mobile technology play in forming new cultural, ideological and political templates. What follows is my perspective on where the future is headed, particularly as it regards thinking of futurism, technology and Africa.



A homeless bazaar: Cape Town's 'Street Store', where everything's for free

image 2a

The number of homeless people in Cape Town is on the rise, a fact normally attributed to the growing prevalence of drug addiction and rising unemployment. In winter, in particular, homeless shelters find themselves stretched for resources while grim weather batters the city.  




History Tidbits

Haitian Republic  (January 1, 1804)

Haitian Republic The Haitian Revolution has often been described as the largest and most successful slave rebellion in the Western Hemisphere. Slaves initiated the rebellion in 1791 and by 1803 they had succeeded in ending not just slavery but French control over the colony. The Haitian Revolution, however, was much more complex, consisting of several revolutions going on simultaneously.


Empire’s Crossroads

To get from the airport on the former British West Indian colony of Dominica to the capital, Roseau, the birthplace of the novelist Jean Rhys, one has to travel through narrow winding roads with a sheer drop to the sea on one side and impenetrable forest on the other. Halfway along this road one is suddenly flung backward in time, seeing faces that have a startling resemblance to the indigenous people of the pre-Columbian era.