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Marcus Garvey Legacy

Marus Garvey;


Undoubtedly, the honorable Marcus Garvey legacy is alive and well. Collectively, Africans around the globe acknowledges his greatness with a plethora of celebrations, parades, statures and monument's built in his honor. All of these accolades are well deserved. However, more astounding is his achievement occurred during the era of telegrams, and segregated railroad cars.

He had a background in printing and published his first newspaper, The Watchman, in 1909. He left Jamaica in 1910 for Central America, settling first in the coastal town of Limon, Costa Rica, where he published a small newspaper.



Featured News

How Endless War Helps Old Dixie Stay New

Endless Wars

They finally shot the nigger!” the sparrow-slight soldier whooped. Nicknamed “Georgia” for the obvious reason, that’s what he apparently ran around shouting once word of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s assassination wound its way out into the electric-green paddy fields of South Vietnam. I was told the story more than once by a member of his unit and often imagined what it must have been like, especially for his black brothers-in-arms, to be smacked with that news and that epithet all at once.


A brief history of US imperialism’

We Americans are the ultimate innocents. We are forever desperate to believe that this time the government is telling us the truth." -- Sydney Schanberg.
imperialism: the policy, practice, or advocacy of extending the power and dominion of a nation especially by direct territorial acquisitions or by gaining indirect control over the political or economic life of other areas; broadly: the extension or imposition of power, authority, or influence For some, the Iraq invasion in 2003 seems unprecedented, as if nothing of the sort had ever happened before; and then, nearly a decade later, it happened again with Libya in 2011. In both cases, Americans were told there was an imminent threat, and military action must be taken to stop it; in both cases, the 'threat' was nothing more than fabrication (Iraq) and exaggeration (Libya)..”



How 'Whiteness' is One of the Greatest Scams in Modern History

The idea of "whiteness" as a strict racial category superior to others is an invention of Europeans, who needed to legitimate and normalize a system of white on black chattel slavery, global empire, and colonialism as being preordained by nature and God. Yet the “common sense” belief that the racial ideology known as Whiteness has always existed is one of the greatest tricks in human history. In all, Whiteness is a new invention. The ways in which it has been naturalized signals to its powerful role in an American society that was built upon a foundation of white supremacy, and that continues to maintain institutionalized systems of white advantage over people of color in the 21st century.

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Disapora News

Are Foreign NGOs Rebuilding Haiti Or Just Cashing In?

HaitiThe devastating earthquake that struck Haiti five years ago was followed by a flood, as billions of dollars were poured into a reconstruction effort largely led by private non-governmental organizations. Almost immediately, Haitians, activists, and well-wishing donors the world over began to ask: “Where did the money go?” This summer, ProPublica and NPR released a report on exactly where some of that money went. The headline — “How the Red Cross Raised Half a Billion Dollars for Haiti ­and Built Six Homes” — neatly summed up the beloved charity’s big-picture failures in the country. But perhaps the most damning parts of the report concerned the Red Cross’ over-reliance on non-Haitian employees, who were highly compensated despite often not even speaking the local Creole or French.


Serena bashing nothing new for African-Americans who excel


The one thing you can damn near count on almost as the surely as the sun rising and setting each day, is an African-American being the victim of racially biased attacks following a significant achievement. Let's face it. There is a segment of people in America, who are mostly white, that simply hate to see African-Americans achieve. I can only assume they want to keep black folk in a teeny, tiny, box filled with age old stereotypes. Or, as the more modern influences like FOX News would have you believe, that African-Americans are only good for shooting, robbing, raping, rapping, dunking a basketball, or running a football.

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African News

In Search of Jobs, Cameroonian Women May End Up as Slaves in Middle East

YAOUNDE, Jul 15 2015 (IPS) - Her lips are quavering her hands trembling. Susan (not her real name) struggles to suppress stubborn tears, but the outburst comes, spontaneously, and the tears stream down her cheeks as she sobs profusely. The story of this 28-year-old’s servitude in Kuwait is mind-boggling. Between her sobs, she tells IPS how she left Cameroon two years ago in search of a job in Kuwait. “I saw job opportunities advertised on billboards in town. The posters announced jobs such as nurses and housemaids in Kuwait. As a nurse and without a job in Cameroon, I decided to take the chance.”



Deliberate Trade Policies for Africa's Industralisation


African countries can use deliberate trade policies to achieve growth through industrial development and structural transformation. Sanusi Lamido, a former governor of the central bank of Nigeria, once railed against his country for spending "huge resources importing consumer goods from China that should be produced locally."


History Tidbits

Meet Sada Mire: the First Somali Archeologist known to the World

Somalia sits on the horn of Africa with the longest coastline on the continent’s mainland, while its capital city Mogadishu is known as the ‘white pearl’ of the Indian Ocean. In antiquity, Somalia is said to be “among the most probable locations of the fabled ancient Land of Punt;” in addition, it was an important commercial centre with ancient relations. Its long-distance trade by sea and camel caravan gave birth to a multi-cultural society with communities on the coast.



The Black Seminole Slave Rebellion 

Imagine that the largest slave rebellion in U.S. history had gone unrecognized for more than a century and a half, even by the country's leading scholars. Imagine further that the rebellion was not some obscure event in a rural backwater, but a series of mass escapes that took place in conjunction with the largest Indian war in U.S. history and that resulted in a massive, well-documented destruction of personal property. How could scholars forget such an event? And what would such an oversight say about the country? A country that had robbed generations of the story of its most successful black freedom fighters. A country that had taught its children a lie, that over the first American century, only white men fought for freedom and won.